05 August, 2012

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[1] A car starting rest accuires a speed 25m/s in 10s.after which it maintaince this speed for 10 sec,
2.Distance travelled during acceleration?
3.Total distance travelled?
[2] A body travels 2m in the first 2 sec and 2.2m in the next 4 sec.What will be the velocity of the end of 7th sec?
[3]A particle travelled half a distance at 12km/h and the remaining half at 18km/h.Find the average speed?
[4] A body moves in a straight line along x-axis. Its the distance from the origin is given by x=8t-3t2 .Find the displacement when velocity is 0?
[5] The body is Projected vertically upwards with a velocity 49m/s find,
1. Maximum Height
2. Time of ascent
3. Time of flight
4. Velocity when it at a height of 60m.
[6] A stone is projected vertically up from the top of a tower 73.5 mtr with velocity 24.5m/s .find the time taken by the stone to reach the foot of the tower?
[7] A Ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity 20m/s from the top of a building.The height of the point from were the ball is thrown is 25m from the ground.
1. How high will the ball rise?
2. How long will it be in air before the ball hits the ground? (g=10m/s2)
[8] A Stone thrown vertically up from the top of a tower with a velocity 20m/s reaches the ground in 6sec.find the height of the tower?
[9] A body is projected vertically up from the foot of a tower 392mtr high with a velocity 98m/s. at the same instent another body is dropped from the top. Find when and where they will meet?
[10] A Stone dropped into a well hits the water surphase in 4sec.Flow deep is the well and with what velocity does the stone hit the water?
[11] A Stone thrown vertically went up 98m and came down. How long was it in air?
[12] A Body is dropped from a point 4.9m.above a window 1.5m high. Find the time taken by the body to pass against the window?
[13]A Police van moving on a highway with a speed of 30km/h. Fires a bullet at a theifs car speeding away in the same direction with a speed of 192km/h. If the speed of a bullet is 150m/s, with what speed does the bullet hit the car?
[14]A JET Airoplane travelling at the speed of 500km/h ejects gas at a speed of 1200km/h Relative to the plane what is the speed of the gas w.r.t plane?

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